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The worlds very first dog matrix CONTINUED ...

Posted on November 9, 2011 at 9:40 PM

I have sometimes considered precisely what different individuals around the world feel regarding dogs, have not you? Among the very best techniques to fully grasp internationally what people believe about dogs is to look at each country’s top five dog connected search phrases on Google. Google additionally gives details about the amount of individuals who lookup each expression per 30 days along with the amount of phrases it considers to be linked with Dogs of all the words that are researched on this internet search engine. These are all excellent signals as to the strength of feeling toward dogs in each nation.

 To begin with relating to the quantity of phrases searched, despite the fact that The us is deemed to be the greatest developed country, it just registered six twenty dog phrases out of a achievable 8 hundred in October 2010. The top search phrase quantity was recorded by the UNITED KINGDOM with the total 800 phrases followed by Canada on 7 hundred & one. Remarkably for its comparatively little population, Australia arrived in fourth place with 3 sixty six phrases.

 To create a benchmark, The usa normally has about two hundred and fifty thousand queries for the precise word ‘dogs’ a mth. The UNITED KINGDOM 100k, Canada (40k) and Australia (30K).

 The research then gathered the greatest developing nations together. Three of the most populated nations had these many lookups: China (1K), India (40K) and Brazil (two thousand). While these nations usually have numerous wayward dogs, there is frequently no direct possession or medical care for dogs. To emphasize how different these places see dogs, you can find that nearly all of the developed locations have terms like dogs or 'dog training' in their top five words. By comparison China has dog clothes along with 'dog tags', and India includes 'dog pictures' in a couple of variations in its best five.

 After that you may well think about that Europe with its very produced cities might also have a robust search for all things to do with dogs, however in general European countries greatly under-perform. For instance Germany is the lead country with 213 phrases searched, but the dogs term obtains lower than ten thousand queries per mth. France has merely 130 terms and its lead term has close to 20,000 queries. Meanwhile Italy has simply 100 phrases linked with dogs searched and its principal term is beneath three thousand queries every mth.

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