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Yes your dog is a meat eater, and here is why...

Posted on January 10, 2012 at 10:55 PM

 Pet dogs possess higher acid bellys to speedily break down meat, and incredibly small digestive tracts to discharge the probably hazardous waste materials as they generally consume rotting meat that could destroy a grass eater.

Evidence which I notice many people report about why their dog is an veggie eater is that their dog will eat all the left over on their masters dish, or that they feed it an entire selection of fresh vegetables purposely. Other folks tell the tale of how their dog routinely consumes fresh fruit off their trees.

Readers must be aware that one of the primary causes that pet dogs match our life-style so effectively is that they're a pack animal and generally made to satisfy us all. If you have fed that your dog garbage from an earlier age, you could also feel that because it continues to eat it, that this is the foremost food for it.

 The counter argument is that a dog fed on a proper meat eating plan will often not acknowledge any kind of greens or breads as food. They will however usually delight in dog pellets and many processed dog meals, not since they're nutritionally sensible, but since they are packed with jellies and carbs and fake flavours which are appealing to their taste, much like people often get hooked on processed foods..


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